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Eileen is a qualified addiction counsellor and recovery coach. She is a straight talking professional with a deep and sincere empathy with the patient that is suffering from the disease of addiction, the family members who have loved ones in addiction, colleagues , friends and all concerned persons.

She is experienced counsellor and employs the most up to date techniques in helping all stakeholders to get to the root cause of the issues associated with addictions , including the physical, mental, behavioural consequences always providing a clear pathway of options and choices to all who are looking for sustainable solutions.

I have referred many people to Eileen over the years and she has a very inexpensive care plan that will provide each individual with the space and time needed to look at what is going wrong in ones life and more importantly with the necessary life coping mechanisms to implement a customised and individualised recovery plan.

I commend Eileen for the work she carries out with understanding, a great sense of clarity and with the client very much at the centre of her focus

Paddy Creedon, Recovery Advocate.
Eileen is a wonderful professional. She is warm and approachable, and as a fellow counsellor, I am so grateful to have her to refer clients to who need her specialist input. Addictions affect families as well as the individual, and Eileen offers a great service and support through her work.
Susan Browne, Angel EFT Practitioner

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