Guest Blog: Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques for Coping with Other People’s Addictions by Susan Browne

It’s not easy when you are impacted by someone else’s addiction problems. People end up feeling worried, frustrated, powerless, maybe even thoughts that they might be somehow to blame, and often angry and resentful. The feeling of treading on eggshells around a loved one’s overuse is also a common theme. It would be of great benefit for you to develop an awareness of your own stress levels, and take action to help yourself. EFT (stands for emotional freedom techniques - tapping on energy meridian end points to improve energy flow) has helped thousands of people to de-stress and get into a better mindset around hundreds of day-to-day and much more serious challenges that life can present. Living with an addict is no exception. What if you were to rate your stress levels around this just now, how stressed do you feel? Rate yourself on the SUE scale . [...]