Guest Blog- Why Alternative Treatment Methods are Beneficial for Recovery Survivors by Kimberly Hayes.

Getting into treatment is one of the first steps in the right direction for a recovery survivor, but when a relapse (or multiple relapses) occur and the traditional 12-step program isn’t cutting it on its own, it may be time to incorporate alternative treatment methods into an otherwise traditional agenda. Obviously, this would be a move that should be discussed with a doctor, as there may be specific underlying health issues that need to be taken into consideration. For the most part, many individuals are able to maintain sobriety when infusing one or more secondary techniques into their routines. While yoga and meditation are among the most commonly discussed options because of their stress-busting benefits, there are other methods worth discussing, too. Acupuncture This ancient Asian practice involves inserting thin needles into specific trigger points to help detoxify and reduce withdrawal symptoms and muscle aches while controlling cravings. As this [...]