FREE Online Video Course for Parents of 8 to 12 year olds.

"3 Steps To Prepare Parents For the Teenage Years"

In This Free Video series You Will be able to Identify your parenting and communication style. knowing this can help you grow as a parent
which will help you parent from a place of understanding and Communicate better with your child. This will help you Feel More Prepared For Your Children's Teenage Years.

This video series is for you if

  • You Feel You Need To Develop A Deeper Relationship With Your Children Before They Become Teenagers
  • You Want To Know How You Can Communicate Better With Your Children.
  • You Want To Be Feel More Confident In Your Parenting

Video 1
Identifying Your Parenting Style

​Learn about the different parenting styles. Discover which one you are and learn how you can adapt your parenting style to better meet your children's needs.

Video 2
Identifying Your Communication Style

Learn about the different communication styles. How you communicate with your children has a life long impact so learning how to communicate better will mean your children will feel they can talk to you about anything.

Video 3
Being the Self-Aware Parent

Learn how you can use your new found knowledge to develop a deeper connection and relationship with your children before they become teenagers.

See what other parents have said.


Recently I signed up to 3 steps to prepare parents for teenage years video series, I was really impressed with the knowledge she shared, a great way to get the message across to parents struggling with teenagers, I enjoyed parenting styles and ways to communicate, keep up the good work Eileen



This course is highly informative and well worth a look if you are worried about what to expect in the teen years.



Informative and easy to understand and apply, this fabulous resource is a must-have for all parents of pre-teens. Thank you, Eileen.


Hello! My name is Eileen Foley.

I help parents to identify how they can grow as a parent so they can have a deeper connection with their children. 
I know that no single approach is suitable for every parent so I help parents to identify and tune into their own parenting style. 
This, in turn, will help them to work with, rather than against their children so they can be more confident in their parenting.
Having a secure relationship with our children reduces the risk of issues developing during the teenage years so I have developed a series of resources so parents can become more informed and empowered in their parenting. I am so delighted that you have decided to join me and look forward to supporting you.


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