FREE Challenge for Parents

"Understanding Your Teenager- 7 Day Parenting Challenge"

Take the 7 day parenting challenge so you can have a better understanding of you teenager. This will help you as a parent, I promise!

This challenge is for you if

  • You want to build a stronger relationship with your teenager.
  • You are wondering what is going on with your teenager.
  • You want communicate better with your teenager.

Plus there is a FREE gift for you at the end of the challenge!

YAY! I am so delighted you are thinking of joining us. I created this challenge because I wanted to support parents with developing a deeper bond with their teenager.

BUT to do that you need to understand where your teenager is at in their development. Not a child but not yet an adult. It’s the in-between stage for your child and is often a very confusing time, both for you and your teen.

So I encourage you to take the "Understanding Your Teenager- 7 Day Parenting Challenge” 

Get to grips with having a better understanding of your teenager and see how it changes how you parent.

How is the challenge delivered

  • Emails to keep you on track during the challenge.
  • Videos covering different topics
  • Specific challenge with each email to keep you focused.
  • Lifetime access to FREE Facebook group Proactive Parents

Don't forget there is a FREE gift for you at the end of the challenge!

Hello! My name is Eileen Foley.

I help parents to identify how they can grow as a parent so they can have a deeper connection with their children. 
I know that no single approach is suitable for every parent so I help parents to identify and tune into their own parenting style. 
This, in turn, will help them to work with, rather than against their children so they can be more confident in their parenting.
Having a secure relationship with our children reduces the risk of issues developing during the teenage years so I have developed a series of resources so parents can become more informed and empowered in their parenting. I am so delighted that you have decided to join me and look forward to supporting you.


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