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Do You need Counselling for Drug or Alcohol Abuse?

Are you concerned about your alcohol or drug use?

Think you’re gambling is a problem?

Maybe food, shopping or sex is becoming an issue?

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What is Drug & Alcohol Dependence?

Drug & alcohol dependence is the inability to stop repetitive behaviours in spite of the negative consequences. It can give you temporary release from your problems but long term consequences creates a progressively destructive pattern of behaviour that eventually affects family and friends. Many people who suffer from anxiety or depression abuse a substance or behaviour because it offers a temporary escape from their symptoms. However this can also intensify feelings of anxiety and depression leading the person to abuse a substance or behavior again to feel ‘normal’.

In the brain stimulation and reward are the main elements of addiction which produces a high which needs to be repeated. The brain produces chemicals such as dopamine or serotonin which encourages us to participate in behaviours or activities which causes the release of these chemicals producing a ‘high’ feeling. While alcohol, drugs, gambling can initially bring pleasure long term abuse can result in physical and psychological dependence.

What to do if you have a problem with drugs, alcohol, gambling?

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If you are concerned about your drug or alcohol use it is important to have a look at what’s going on for you. Recognising the signs of dependence  is the first step and the best way to find out is to complete an assessment. This usually involves completing a questionnaire with acounsellor where you also discuss the questions as you go along. The questions focus on your history of drug & alcohol abuse, how and when it started, how it has progressed and impacted on your life.

An assessment can either diagnose or rule out if dependence is present. Maybe you need to be more aware of why you use and what your triggers are, maybe you need to look at reducing the harm caused by your substance abuse or behaviour. Perhaps you require detox and need to consider abstinence. An assessment will also gather information on your mental and physical wellbeing and how it is being affected. Maybe you suffer from depression or anxiety and need support from your GP or psychiatrist also. From your assessment your counsellor will develop a treatment plan and discuss options and recommendations with you. (It’s important to know you have options no matter how bad things have become) Often just knowing your diagnosis is a start to making changes in your life.

As a trained drug & alcohol counsellor I can help you to begin to understand  while identifying your emotional needs and how they need to be met.

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