Guest Blog- Why Alternative Treatment Methods are Beneficial for Recovery Survivors

Getting into treatment is one of the first steps in the right direction for a recovery survivor, but when a relapse (or multiple relapses) occur and the traditional 12-step program isn’t cutting it on its own, it may be time to incorporate alternative treatment methods into an otherwise traditional agenda. Obviously, this would be a move that should be discussed with a doctor, as there may be specific underlying health issues that need to be taken into consideration.   For the most part, many individuals are able to maintain sobriety when infusing one or more secondary techniques into their routines. While yoga and meditation are among the most commonly discussed options because of their stress-busting benefits, there are other methods worth discussing, too.   Acupuncture This ancient Asian practice involves inserting thin needles into specific trigger points to help detoxify and reduce withdrawal symptoms and muscle aches while controlling cravings. [...]

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Qigong for addiction Recovery

For those of you recovering from addiction, there is one method that you may not yet have come across which, integrated into your existing recovery programme, can help you maintain sobriety and improve the quality of your health and your life. This method is called Qigong. In the post below you will learn some interesting facts and tips which will show you how to use Qigong for addiction recovery. Qigong (or sometimes referred to as Chi Kung or Chi Gung) is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is thousands of years old. It involves simple exercises which combine gentle movement, breathing and the use of your mind to restore both physical and mental health by promoting the smooth and balanced flow of Qi (energy) throughout your whole system. Benefits of Qigong In addition to the well known physical benefits from Qigong such as improving your energy levels, helping [...]

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What To Expect When You Start Counselling

Starting counselling for the first time can be really daunting so I’m writing to ease that first experience. If you have never been for counselling before you won’t know what to expect which can add to feelings of anxiety and apprehension around it. The important thing to remember is that you have decided to come for counselling for a reason so make the most of the experience for your own wellbeing. In the first session, I will complete an intake form which gathers some general information such as age, occupation, family information etc. I will also go through the verbal contact to make is safe for us to work together. To get a better indication of why you have come for counselling I will also ask questions about: How you have been feeling lately. What are the main concerns you want to talk about? Medical history. Drug and alcohol history. [...]

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It’s not all about Addiction.

It’s not all about Addiction. Not everyone that drinks alcohol or uses drugs becomes dependent on them. Not everyone ends up in the gutter, isn’t that a relief. The more people I work with the clearer that’s becoming to me. What I am finding in my work is that many people are self-medicating due to something that is going on in their lives. It might be past trauma, anxiety, depression, or a combination of all. They may not have developed the skills to express themselves or to process what they are feeling. They use alcohol or drugs to cope. It’s the only way they know to deal with things. So when they go to a counsellor who tells them they have to stop they bolt. Why? Because you are taking away the only coping mechanism they have and leaving nothing in its place. Giving Space But what happens [...]

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Relapse: Friend or Foe?

Relapse: Friend or Foe Oh no you’ve had a drink/drug/bet, let’s get out a big stick and beat you with it! The dreaded relapse is something many people fear. They can look on it negativity which is a pity really because then the lesson is missed. A relapse doesn’t ‘just happen’ There is always a lead up to it and herein lies the learning. When we look on a lapse negatively we can miss on the personal learning that is in it. While that may be hard to hear at the time identifying thought patterns and behaviours leading up to the lapse can be a revelation. Plus it can also prevent future lapses. Unfortunately many people look on a lapse with distain and disappointment which can further compound the feeling of guilt and failure. So let’s look at the learning that we can take from a relapse. [...]

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A reflection on my journey.

What so good about recovery? So this blog is long overdue. It’s about my own personal experience and how life has changed for me. Before I go into all that I have to speak about how unwell I got due to the effects of addiction. I’m going back over 10 years here and suffice to say I got very unwell. I was at a point where I was exhausted all the time, I wasn’t sleeping, and in fact I hadn’t had a good night sleep in years. I was so stressed that I felt like I was about to explode all the time and like I was just about able to contain myself. It felt like there was a pressure cooker inside me about to go off. Where did all this stress come from? Anyone who is worried about a family members drug or alcohol [...]

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Summertime: Festivals, Fun & Sobriety

Summertime: Festivals, Fun & Sobriety. Summer is here! I really love this time of year. Lovely long evenings, flowers are in bloom, nature is fully awake and there is always something to do or somewhere to go. In Ireland, if we are really lucky the sun might even shine. You are allowed to have fun in recovery so in this blog I wanted to write about protecting your sobriety over the summer. As there are always festivals, concerts and a whole load of social activities running over the summer months it’s important that you take steps to mind your sobriety. The temptation to drink or use is always there but the risk increases when you are at an event, particularly when you are surrounded by people drinking and using. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘are you in a place in your recovery where you [...]

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Suicide- The Carnage Afterwards.

Suicide- The Carnage Afterwards. Unfortunately suicide has become much too prevalent in Ireland. We have seen an increase in people taking their lives spanning all age groups. Now this blog isn’t going to be about trying to understand why someone takes their life, that’s a topic for another day. What I am going to write about is what happens after, what happens with the family and friend that are left. I have seen plenty of blogs, articles and papers about anxiety, depression and mental health and I have great understanding and empathy around it. We need these writings to raise awareness around suicide. We also need people to know that someone that takes their life isn’t being selfish or self-centred. They are at a really low point in their life and for reasons of their own are unable to see a way out and ask for support. [...]

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Suicide- Interview with a Survivor

Suicide- Interview with a Survivor (Disclaimer: Any views or opinions in this interview are personal and belong solely to the interviewee. Please, seek professional support from your GP or counsellor if you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide or if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and finding it difficult to cope) Tell me what life is like for you now? Good, life is good. I feel good in myself, more comfortable in my own skin. I believe more in myself and have the skills to process things as they come up. I don’t let things build up anymore which is really important. I have surrounded myself with good friends, real friends, where we are able to talk to each other about things, life, work, and fun, just anything really. If I feel things are building up I go to my counsellor [...]

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Teenage Kicks and Alcohol Drinks

Teenage Kicks & Alcohol Drinks What’s it like to be a teenager growing up today? Have you ever sat down and really thought about this question?  If you have kids or teenagers now would be a good time to sit and really think about it. I would love to hear your thoughts. I have to say I really admire and respect our young people. I love their honesty and enthusiasm for life. I love their energy and the fact they can challenge our thinking and beliefs. Even though we adults think we know it all, sometimes we need to stop, listen and learn from our young people. The Challenges. Young people are really up against it in today’s society. Everything has become so hurried, rushed and frantic. Fast Wi-Fi, phones, exams, jobs, hobbies. We have our kids rushing from one activity to another. Where’s the [...]

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Sure it’s only drink, at least it’s not drugs

Sure it’s only drink, at least it’s not drugs Let’s go for one drink? That is often the rock people perish on! One turns into two which turns into three and so on. What often starts as one drink can turn into an all-out binge. In Ireland drinking alcohol (by the gallon!) is engrained in our culture. We are a nation of binge drinkers, that’s just the way it is, we have no off button, no meter to say when enough is enough. When working will clients to reduce their alcohol consumption they are genuinely shocked when I tell them the recommended limit; 11 units per week for a woman, 17 units per week for a man. We genuinely don’t know this, it’s not that we are ignoring the information it’s just that if we don’t have any serious negative consequences (except the odd hangover!) we don’t [...]

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Wine A Lot: Women and their relationship with wine.

Wine A Lot: Women and their relationship with wine. Drinking wine has now become a fashionable thing to do where a glass or two is now a daily ingrained habit for some women. While a glass of wine is no harm, research in Ireland is showing that women are drinking more, and more often than previous generations. The results of this is that increased numbers women are presenting to services with alcohol-related conditions such as liver cirrhosis, liver disease and alcohol related cancers. Now, this is not a discussion about the evils of alcohol, but we do need to have a conversation about why women are drinking the way they do. How has it come to this and how is it that women are nearly out drinking men in today’s society? In general, Ireland’s relationship with alcohol has been fraught with problems. Internationally the stereotypical view of [...]

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year from Eileen at Inner Healing Counselling It’s that time again where we reflect on the past year and plan for the New Year. Resolutions are made and broken, often within the first hour!! 2016 has been a very busy year for me. I have been working really hard in my practice and am learning so much in the process. I am now a registered business owner which is something I am really excited about. I have launched my online counselling service, learnt how to market my practice and have to say I am enjoying the new skills I am developing. I have become pretty apt at updating my website and am constantly learning which is great. I love being challenged and my practice is definitely keeping me on my toes. Challenging Times. Last year in my new year’s blog I wrote about [...]

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Top Tips for Staying Sober at Christmas.

My Top Tips for Staying Sober at Christmas. Are you all set for Christmas? That’s a question we are often asked in the lead up to the festive season. Me, I’m a last kinda girl, rushing around getting presents, I just love the hustle and bustle of it all. I have a few little rituals I like to do every Christmas; decorations go up early in December (some might say too early!), shopping lists are completed, Christmas cakes are baked, and I always go to town for a few hours Christmas Eve to soak up the atmosphere. These are the things I like to do every year, it’s a habit at this stage. But what if you are in recovery and the old habits at Christmas no longer support you and your recovery. How can you take care of yourself over Christmas? It’s natural for family [...]

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Self-Care at Christmas, a Time to Celebrate, or not?

Picture this: Its Christmas time, decorations are up, the fire in on and Christmas songs are playing in the back ground. Sounds of laughter and children playing echo through the house. This scene or something like it is the dreamy scene we conjure up when we think of a happy Christmas. For many, Christmas is a time for the family to get together, Santa Clause, children, gift giving and receiving, movies and relaxation. However, for families of substance abusers, Christmas and the lead up to it, it’s a different story. The reality can be a time of great stress, worry and anguish. The thoughts of managing someone’s substance abuse issues during the Christmas period can be overwhelming. How can families better cope with this over the Christmas period? Expectations Within these families the need for open honest communication is really important so everyone knows where they [...]

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Complementary Therapies in Addiction Treatment: Equine Therapy & Yoga

Traditionally addiction treatment centres in Ireland are abstinence 12 step based, using a combination of educational talks, one to one counselling and group therapy where clients are admitted for a 4 to 6-week program. However, the increasing popularity and success of complementary therapies have meant that some treatment facilities now incorporate some of these therapies into their treatment program. So what complementary therapies are being used and how does it support client’s treatment and recovery? Complementary Therapies such as equine therapy and yoga are excellent practices when recovering from an addiction. Equine Therapy Equine therapy is an effective treatment for people struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol dependence. Horses are sensitive animals who are tuned into what people are projecting and feeling. The horse will react differently depending on how the person is projecting and the horse will react by either [...]

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Have Or Are You Been Affected By A Parent’s Alcohol And Drug Abuse?

While no one sets out to become dependent on a substance or behaviour when living with a parent who has a substance abuse disorder childhood innocence is robbed. The most distressing part of addiction is the abuse and neglect of children. Parents are meant to nurture and protect their children, but if they are dependent on a substance this will take over leaving children feeling lonely and scared. When there is addiction in the home communication can be unclear and parent’s behaviour can be erratic varying from loving and caring to angry and withdrawn. This chaos and inconsistency leave children feeling anxious, angry, confused and insecure. Children love their parents and worry that they don’t love them enough to stop drinking or using drugs. They may not understand that their parent’s mood can be dependent on the volume of alcohol or drugs in their system. What is child abuse [...]

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Guest Blog: Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques for Coping with Other People’s Addictions by Susan Browne

Energy EFT for Coping with Other People’s Addictions It’s not easy when you are impacted by someone else’s addiction problems. People end up feeling worried, frustrated, powerless, maybe even thoughts that they might be somehow to blame, and often angry and resentful. The feeling of treading on eggshells around a loved one’s overuse is also a common theme. It would be of great benefit for you to develop an awareness of your own stress levels, and take action to help yourself. EFT (stands for emotional freedom techniques - tapping on energy meridian end points to improve energy flow) has helped thousands of people to de-stress and get into a better mindset around hundreds of day-to-day and much more serious challenges that life can present. Living with an addict is no exception. What if you were to rate your stress levels around this just now, how stressed do [...]

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Recovery, how does family life change?

Life after Addiction, Recovery for Families. When living with the effects of someone’s addiction for so long patterns of behaviour and thinking become engraved in the psyche. When recovery comes into the home life can be much different than expected. Deciding to overcome an addiction it is a wonderful step which needs to be respected and supported. In recovery families need time and patience to adjust and heal, and this can sometimes be wrought with problems. Family support counselling, groups and programs often help family members deal with any issues or concerns they may have. Family Relationships in Recovery. When someone goes into recovery they can transform their personality and lifestyle. This, in turn, means family members may need to adjust to these changes. This can be difficult especially if family members are still hurt from the consequences of addiction. Addiction destroys [...]

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What is Anxiety?

What is Anxiety? At some point in our lives we all feel some form of anxiety and this is a normal response to stressful situations. It is usual to feel anxious before exams, in awkward social situations or starting a new job. What makes one person anxious may not create the same reaction in another. While anxiety is an everyday feeling, it can become an issue when there is no apparent cause for that anxiety, or when it continues for more than a few of weeks. Anxiety can cause physical, behavioural and cognitive symptoms which can develop over time, and because we all experience anxiety at some stage, it can be hard to know how much is too much. It becomes an issue when the symptoms affect everyday living. It occurs when the person has a severe overreaction to a situation than what might be typically expected in [...]

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