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Counselling for Depression

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Feelings of  sadness or low mood can be a normal reaction to stress, loss, worry or life’s struggles. However when these feelings of sadness, hopelessness or worthlessness intensify and last for days or weeks you may be suffering from depression.

What are the Symptoms of Depression

Feeling hopeless or sad

Lack of interest in carrying out your normal daily activities

Difficulty concentrating

Low motivation

Sleep disturbance: broken sleep, sleeping too much or too little

Loss of appetite

Tiredness or fatigue, low energy.

Poor concentration.

Loss of interest in family, work, hobbies, or social life

Feelings of guilt

Low self-esteem

Aches and pains associated with anxiety or stress.

Suicidal thoughts.

Think You Need Counselling Support for Depression?

If you think you might be depressed it is important you speak to a doctor or mental health professional in order to get a correct diagnosis. Treatments for depression vary depending on the cause and severity of symptoms. A mental health professional will support you in deciding which, if any, treatment is most suitable for your situation.

Treatment usually comes under two catogories: medication and talking therapies. Counselling for depression can complement medication if necessary. When you speak with a counsellor about your depression you will explore your emotions, discuss how to overcome issues that may be exasperating your symptoms, and develop coping skills and life skills

Seeking counselling for depression will ease your symptoms and ensure they not worsen. Your counsellor will work with you to gain a better understanding of your experiences, lifestyle and worries. The aim of counselling is to support and empower you to find solutions to your issues. Sometime people find that only a few counselling sessions is enough while others need ongoing counselling. Either way depression is a serious mental health issue so it is important you find support to help you through any difficulties you may be having.

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