‘Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness’ Desmond Tutu

I really love this quote. In the last few months having hope may have been very challenging for us. It’s hard to stay hopeful with all the sickness and bad news we are hearing about. But, here in Ireland, the light is starting to shine through. On Monday, the restrictions we have been living with began to lift. Just some small changes but changes none the less.

I love gardening and as the garden centres are open now I headed off to my local one to have a look. It was really quiet there which kinda surprised me but I guess there is still fear out there. But I’m not writing to tell you about my trip to the garden centre but more about how I was affected by it.

Basically, I walked in the front door and ended up getting really emotional and welling up with tears. On reflection, the same thing happened to me when the restrictions were introduced. I remember feeling really scared and overwhelmed. However, last Monday, it wasn’t fear and overwhelm that I was feeling. It was hope and gratitude. Hope that the future was looking a little better, and gratitude that I was able to do something I love again. I even shared my experience with the workers in the garden centre!

So that’s my little ramblings for now.

Stay hopeful and safe of course,
Love Eileen.