Welcome to Inner Healing Counselling. My name is Eileen Foley, I am an addiction counsellor and my practice is based in Listowel, Co Kerry.  I also have an online counselling service which I offer one to one counselling to clients. I graduated in 2011 from Athlone Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Addiction Studies.

I offer one to one counselling to people 18 years and over and support both people with addiction issues, people in recovery from addiction and their friends and family members. I am passionate about addiction and that comes from my own experiences. Years ago I developed an equation which really helped me accept what addiction is. I’m going to share it with you because it helped me so much!

                                                                                            Addiction = Insanity!

It’s that straightforward. In active addiction or living with addiction, people do and say insane things, behave in a way that is completely out of character, have regrets, try to make things up, only to repeat the cycle of addiction all over again. I totally get that and that’s why I completely accept people and their story no matter how crazy things get!

I believe in people and their ability to recover. If we can harness the energy someone puts into their addiction, redirect that energy and use it to fuel their recovery then anything is possible. That goes for family members too. I have seen people come back from the darkest of places and go on to be happy, productive and content. I am always amazed and humbled by how hard someone works to bring themselves out of that dark place. It’s really amazing to see the transformation.

Through my practice I have gained alot of experience working with different issues and age groups. I trained as an aftercare facilitator and facilitated the Concerned Persons Aftercare in Talbot Grove in Castleisland. What a wonderful place of healing. I also trained as a facilitator in the Strengthening Families Program and I facilitated both the teen and family groups. All of this training combined with my own personal experiences makes me a very compassionate therapeutic counsellor.

I have a blog section and you can sign up to receive my regular blog updates. You can also follow me on Facebook. Please feel free to fill in the contact form with any queries you may have and I will get back to you. 

Warmest Wishes

Eileen Foley