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Available for just €16.00/ £14.37/ $17.98 & P&P

ISBN-10: 1075440025

ISBN-10: 1080981985


Available for just €16.00/ £14.37/ $17.98 & P&P

The Inspiring Woman in Recovery journal is specifically designed for women in addiction recovery. It is an uplifting journal which gives you the opportunity to write about your thoughts, set goals, and celebrate milestones. This is an empowering self-help journal which uses thought-provoking exercises, questions and affirmations to support you on your recovery journey. It is ideal for keeping you on track each day and for documenting your progress in recovery.

The Inspiring Woman in Recovery journal is perfect for popping in your bag so you can record any thoughts or reflections you have throughout your day. This journal is also the perfect gift to give to a loved one who is in recovery.

how will The Inspiring Woman in Recovery Journal help you?

This Journal Will Help You To:

  • Set goals and take the first step towards achieving them.
  • Recognise what you are grateful for and why.
  • Connect with people who support you.
  • Write about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Recognise how far you have come in your recovery.
  • Build your recovery skills toolbox.

What Do You Get in The Inspiring Woman in Recovery Journal?

This journal contains the following sections:

  • Footsteps in Recovery: A set of principles for you to live by.
  • Gratitude list: What you are grateful for and why.
  • Goal list and taking the first step to achieve them.
  • Identifying triggers and creating a plan to manage them.
  • Mindful Colouring sections.
  • Self-care tips.
  • Today’s Thoughts to encourage you to think more openly.
  • Questions to encourage you to pause, think and take the next step in your recovery.
  • Sobriety date tracker.

Available For Just €16.00/ £14.37/ $17.98 & P&P

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Available for just €16.00/ £14.37/ $17.98 & P&P

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ISBN-10: 1075440025

ISBN-10: 1080981985

ISBN-10: 1693769670 

Also available to buy in .PDF format for just €6.00/ £5.50/ $6.70.

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