Surviving the Pandemic. Life with Restrictions in 2020


Its strange times, this era of covid 19. The world is scared. I’m scared and feeling uncertain of how this will pan out. Everyday people are getting sick with covid 19, people are dying. It’s a time of reflection for me, what was, what is and what will be. Every household is adjusting to massive change and mine is no different.

I have to admit that I don’t like being restricted. I like my freedom, to be able to come and go as I please so I can sometimes feel claustrophobic. When this happens I know I need some time to myself. Whether it’s a quick walk, a cuppa in the garden or calling a friend it’s something I need to do to take care of myself.  I am definitely appreciating the simple things in life.


The Weekly Shop

I am off work at the moment so I’m home all the time except when I do the grocery shopping. Then I’m like a ninja, it’s all very meticulous: sanitize trolley and hands, put what I need into my trolley, check out and back to the car. No stopping to browse, no stopping to talk to people I meet, just a quick hello and keep going. With my shopping list in hand its like a military operation.

Home Schooling

Home schooling our children has become the norm at this stage. While I enjoy teaching anyway it’s a challenge when your beloved child flat-out refuses to do school work. On with the negotiations to try to entice him to do ‘just a little bit’ trying to avoid all-out war about it. I think parents are realizing the work that our teachers do and I hope they continue to do so when this is all over.

Being Brave

All over the news we are hearing of all the brave people on the frontline putting themselves at risk to take care of everyone else, applauding them, shining a light for them. I hope we remember to do this when this pandemic is over.


Our Planet.

The planet is also getting a well-deserved break and time to heal from all the human interference. Mother nature is getting a breather and she’s taking advantage of this quiet time to repair some of the damage us humans are causing.

Finding a Different Way

All in all, living with the Covid 19 restrictions is very challenging. You can’t just go somewhere, call to a friend or go out for a bite to eat. It has completely changed how we socialize. However, we are learning different ways of socializing. Online chats, video calls, online support meetings are now a normal way to socialise.

On a positive note

Scary times, yes most definitely, but it’s not all bad. I am enjoying the slow down this pandemic has brought to life. We are making the most of it. We’re lucky to live in the country so we can go for walks. I find myself hoping a car will pass while I’m out walking just so I get to see a human outside of my household! I’m even noticing when someone is passing in a car their salute lasts a bit longer, not your quick raise of a hand but an all-out wave! On one side its lovely that someone is taking the time but on the other hand it means people are longing for connection to other people they are flat out waving at people they pass while driving. I hope they continue to wave when this pandemic is over.

For me getting through this pandemic involves an attitude of gratitude and really focusing on the slogan ‘One Day at a Time’

Love Eileen