Proactive Parents

Preparing for the Teenage Years.

I’m so delighted you are on this journey with me.

It has been a long-term goal of mine to share my knowledge and experience with parents so it’s great to be finally achieving it.

From years of experience as a counsellor, I have seen the devastating effects alcohol and drug misuse has on families.

I am passionate about supporting parents in building confident relationships with their children. The purpose of this course is to support and educate parents so they can start now with their pre-teen to put in place the skills and tools necessary to navigate the teenage years



Video 1: Becoming the Best Parent you can be

In video 1 I talk about the different parenting styles and how they impact children. I also look at communication styles, roadblocks to communication and how to improve it.
This video is all about raising your awareness as a parent and communicator.

Download Problem Solving Worksheet

Video 2: Working with your young person

In video 2 I look at how you can encourage your child to be open and honest with you. This video is all about nurturing your relationship with your child while building resilience in them. Parents also get to look at how they are role models for their children.

Download 13 signs your Child is a Preteen
Download Move from Play Time to Talk Time with Your Pre-teen

Video 3: Being the Parent

Video 3 is for you, the parent. Parenting can be one of the most challenging roles we will ever have so we need to take care of ourselves. In this video I look at stress and how to manage it. I also take a look at how family meetings and house rule can improve behaviours, in everyone! Lastly, the most important piece, recognising you are doing your best as a parent

Download Family Meeting Worksheet

Video 4: Getting to grips with things

In video 4 I look at what increases and reduces the risk of alcohol and drug use in teenagers.

Video 5: Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Video 5 looks at what is out there in relation to drugs (including alcohol)

Download How to Talk to Your Teen about Alcohol and Drugs

So Whats Next?

The next online program I will be releasing will be for parents of teenagers. It will be all about identifying out of character behaviour in your teen, connecting with and trusting your gut instincts, coping with a teenagers alcohol or drug use and lots lots more. So I will keep you posted!

Warmest Wishes,