This week I reopened my counselling practice! I am so delighted to be back at work. It almost feels normal but not the same as before if you catch my drift.

I had to do a lot of preparation before I opened: creating a COVID-19 policy, rewriting my counselling contract, ensuring signs, sanitizer etc are on the premises. Basically doing what I can to ensure that myself and my clients are safe.

BUT the biggest preparation I had to do was within myself. What I’m talking about is getting emotionally ready. I could have opened weeks ago but I just didn’t feel ready and what I really mean is I didn’t feel safe.

Safety is a big thing for us humans, when we don’t feel safe we feel under threat. This can activate our fight, flight or freeze responses. So, for me, it was important that I waited until I felt it was safe enough for me to go back to work. It meant delaying going back by a few weeks but that was ok. We can often get caught up in what we think we ‘should’ be doing, put ourself under pressure and completely freak ourself out. Then we can do something that we are not ready to do.

As a therapist, I have to feel safe so my clients will feel safe. If I am anxious about being in the therapy room then my clients will pick up on it and that will affect the work we do. So, waiting the extra few weeks was the right thing for me to do.

Now that I am back I am reminded why I trained as a therapist. I love what I do and people are amazing to work with. It’s like I was never off!

So today’s advice is that its ok with taking your time to make a decision so you make the right decision for you!

Take Care,